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Kids Need Incredivites

Studies show that kids with inadequate nutrient intake perform poorly in school.  Poor nutrition negatively impacts a child's immune system, bone growth, and overall physical development.  In a recent study, 55% of children tested had low levels of vitamin D, which is critical for bone building.  The immune system has been shown to be activated by lactoferrin, a milk protein also found in breast milk.

First kids' chewable multi in the U.S. with immune-supporting power of lactoferrin! - Helps kids' immune systems stay supercharged*
23 Essential Nutrients - Needed for proper growth and development
Vitamin POWer! - 100% of vitamins C and E, plus all eight B vitamins
600 IU of Vitamin D3, plus calcium, vitamin K, and more! - Support for strong bones and teeth

Naturally sweetened with xylitol, which does not promote cavities
No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives
Gluten free

Kids Need DHA-Powered Mighty Smart

DHA is an essential omega-3 fatty acid that affects early brain and eye development.  A recent published study showed that children ages 4 - 12 taking 100 mg of DHA per day were able to increase their levels of DHA by 65%-70%.  Studies show that many kids do not get enough of this important nutrient.  Foods high in DHA - such as sardines, tuna, and organ meats such as liver - are not kids' favorites.  Eating large amounts of fish can lead to unhealthy exposure to mercury and other environmental toxins, which can be especially harmful to children.

High in DHA Omega-3s for BrainPOWer
DHA helps support concentration, memory, and vision
100 mg per serving - A level clinically proven to increase blood levels of DHA in children ages 4 - 12

Certified organic by Quality Assurance International*
100% natural, ultra-pure DHA
No artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives
Gluten free
* 75% organic


  • Supersmart: Mighty Smart: World's best 100% natural, ultra-pure DHA for brainPOWer!
    Supersafe: No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Gluten free.  Packaging is free of bisphenol-A, phthalates, and toxic inks.
    Supernutritious: Incredivites: World's best multivitamin/multimineral supplement for kids

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