Americans aren't getting enough vitamin D.  In fact, recent research studies suggests that up to 80% of people in the U.S. have insufficient levels of this essential nutrient, which offers a multitude of health benefits.  Why?  Lack of sun exposure.

Vitamin D is considered the "sunshine vitamin" because it's produced as sunlight touches your skin.  Our busy workdays keep us indoors most of the time, preventing us from seeing much of the sun.  And protective covering such as sunscreens and clothing inhibit vitamin D synthesis.  While modifying your diet is another way to up your vitamin D intake, most people don't get enough vitamin D from diet alone.  Are you getting enough?


+ Vitamin D is present in certain fish and fortified foods such as cow's milk, orange juice, and breakfast cereals.  However, it is difficult to get adequate amounts of vitamin D through diet alone.
+ Due to insufficient exposure to sunlight, people who live farther from the equator have a greater risk of having insuf-ficient vitamin D levels than those who live near it.
+ Even weak sunscreens (SPF 8) can inhibit vitamin D production by up to 95%.
+ The older you are, the more vitamin D you need. With age, your body becomes less efficient in converting vitamin D to a form it can use.
+ People with darker skin are more susceptible to having insufficient vitamin D levels.


Shaklee Vita-D3 is the culmination of recent scientific research, including two Shaklee industry-leading vitamin D studies.  Supplemental vitamin D is clinically supported and proven to significantly raise blood levels of vitamin D.


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    Science Talk - Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?